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2009.07.08 on sale

Limited Edition (CD+DVD)
TKCA-73440 (Tokuma Japan Communications)
¥3,143 (excluding tax)

Standard Edition (CD)
TKCA-73445 (Tokuma Japan Communications)
¥2,667 (excluding tax)

01. Take off
02. love the world
03. Dream Fighter
04. Edge (⊿-mix)
05. Night Flight
06. Kiss and Music
07. Zero Gravity
08. I still love U
09. The best thing
10. Speed of Sound
11. One Room Disco
12. Negai (Album-mix)

"I still love U" Special Video Clip
NIGHT FLIGHT" LIVE@Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium  May 10th,'09
"edge" LIVE @ Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium  May 10th,'09 ⊿-version
"love the world" TV-SPOT
"Dream Fighter" TV-SPOT
"One Room Disco" TV-SPOT

△Limited Edition

△Standard Edition