Perfume WORLD TOUR 4th "FUTURE POP" Taipei Show Advance Ticket Reservation for P.T.A. & WORLD P.T.A. members2018.12.19

Advance ticket reservation (first come first serve basis) for P.T.A. and WORLD P.T.A. members is confirmed for Perfume World Tour 4th “FUTURE POP” Taipei Show. 

▼For P.T.A. & WORLD P.T.A. members

Details of advance ticket reservation will be announced on [FC NEWS] page of fan club website in the middle of December (subject to change).
*Details of advance ticket reservation for Shanghai Show have not been yet confirmed. Details will be announced on this official website once confirmed.

[Eligibility for Advanced Ticket Reservation]

*You will be eligible for advanced ticket reservation if you have a P.T.A / WORLD P. T. A. membership and can see the fan club website as of Dec. 22nd (Sat.), 2018.
*To join WORLD P.T.A., please complete membership registration using a serial code enclosed in WORLD LSG18.
*You will be eligible as well if you join P.T.A. or WORLD P.T.A. from now. However, tickets are sold on a first come first serve basis while supplies last. In case the tickets sell out, there will not be any tickets available.

Advance ticket reservation (first come first serve basis) for Taipei Show starts on 
Dec. 22nd (Sat.) 2018 @12:00pm (Japan Time).

*Please read carefully!

*Details of advance ticket reservation are announced on [FC NEWS] page of fan club website and mail magazine.

*We cannot resend the e-mail regarding the advance ticket reservation. If you were not able to receive the e-mail, same information will be posted on [FC NEWS] page of fan club website so please check there.
*Fan club will not be responsible for missing the entry deadline due to delivery failure of the e-mail. Please be careful.

 [How to join P.T.A. and WORLD P.T.A.] 

* P.T.A is for residence of Japan only. Anyone residing outside of Japan, please join WORLD P.T.A. 
* WORLD P.T.A. is for everyone residing outside of Japan. (Residents of Japan, please join P.T.A.) 
*To join WORLD P.T.A. and access exclusive contents, please purchase <WORLD LSG18> at artist online shop “A!SMART” and complete membership registration using the enclosed serial code. About the shipment for <WORLD LSG18>, please check guidance on "A!SMART" when you make purchase.