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"Reframe 2019" Advance Ticket Reservation for P.T.A. and WORLD P.T.A. Members2019.06.21

Advance ticket reservation (lottery system) for P.T.A. and WORLD P.T.A. members is confirmed for "Reframe 2019". 

▼For P.T.A. & WORLD P.T.A. members

Details of advance ticket reservation will be announced on [FC NEWS] page of fan club website by June 28th, 2019 (Fri) at 6 p.m.


[How to enter for ticket reservations (lottery system) and eligibility]

New members: You must complete your P.T.A. membership registration (membership fee payment) by June. 23, 2019 (Sun) @ 23:59 (JP time) 
Current members: You must be an eligible member of the fan club on June 1, 2019 (Sat).
*You will be eligible if your membership is due to to expire on June 30(Sun). However, if you do not renew your membeship, your entry will be automatically rejected. Please be careful.

You must complete your WORLD P.T.A. membership registration  by June. 23, 2019 (Sun) @ 23:59 (JP time) 

*Please be careful that the purchase of <WORLD LSG19> alone does not fulfil eligibility to enter "Reframe 2019" advance ticket reservation. You must complete your membership registration using the serial code enclosed in the package of <WORLD LSG19> by the above mentioned deadline.
*We are sorry but you won't be eligible for the advance ticket reservation if you join WORLD P.T.A. from now.

【*Please read carefully!】
*Details of advance ticket reservation (lottey system) will be announced on [FC NEWS] page of fan club website and mail magazine.
*We cannot resend the e-mail regarding the advance ticket reservation. If you were not able to receive the e-mail, same information will be posted on [FC NEWS] page of fan club website so please check there.
*Fan club will not be responsible for missing the entry deadline due to delivery failure of the e-mail. Please be careful.

For more details, please check "Reframe 2019" Special Website.