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“Challenger” MUSIC VIDEO PLAN CONTEST Entry Now Open!2019.09.21

“Challenger” MUSIC VIDEO PLAN CONTEST Entry Now Open!

We want to celebrate the release of Perfume’s first best album Perfume The Best "P Cubed" by creating a music video of “Challenger,” the first song on the album, based on your ideas.

This song was one of the first songs that connected Yasutaka Nakata and Perfume.
We want to create a music video for this very special song with you so we decided to host this contest.

Perfume members, video director Mr. Kazuaki Seki and Perfume staffs will be the judges, and based on the idea of the grand prix winner, Mr. Seki will put the idea into shape and shoot a music video.

Doesn’t matter if you have experience in making music videos or not. Anyone can participate!
Submission starts on Sep. 21st (sat). Details of the contest as well as the submission form will be available on the special website.
Looking forward to your participation.

“Challenger” MUSIC VIDEO PLAN CONTEST Website!