Perfume Fashion Project “Perfume Closet” part 2!!2018.07.23

Perfume Fashion Project “Perfume Closet” part 2!!

Perfume Fashion Project “Perfume Closet” part 2!!

New line-up of Perfume fashion project ”Perfume Closet,” which was launched in Dec. 2017, has been announced.

New line-up includes frill tops and skirts inspired by Perfume’s stage outfits as well as products that incorporated Perfume’s experience of creating beautiful but comfortable stage outfits and unisex pants and caps that are perfect for summer fun. In addition, jewelry line with “perfume bottle” motifs were announced. For more details of the new line-up, check the Perfume Closet official website.

[Perfume Closet]
“Perfume Closet” project was launched to connect further with you by providing a fashion line related to Perfume songs. Perfume hopes to create and share everyday clothing that would give you more confidence and push in the back. That is the concept behind this project.

“Perfume Closet” part 2 items will go on sale at artist online shop “A!MART” starting 10 a.m. on July 27th (Fri) (JP time).