• Photo T-shirt
  • Tour Pamphlet
  • Logo T-shirt
  • KATAKANA T-shirt
  • FP Towel
  • FP Tote Bag
  • FP Pouch
  • Jacket Collection
  • 【1】Photo T-shirt   size:S / M / L / XL NEW!!   NT$1,200 each
  • 【2】Tour Pamphlet (Include an extra English insert)   NT$800
  • 【3】Logo T-shirt   size:S / M / L / XL / Ladies   NT$1,200 each
  • 【4】KATAKANA T-shirt   size:S / M / L / XL / Ladies   NT$1,200 each
  • 【5】FP Towel   NT$600
  • 【6】FP Tote Bag   NT$400
  • 【7】FP Pouch   NT$600
  • 【8】Jacket Collection (1 of 67 badge variations is in each blind bag by random)   NT$200
  • 【9】WORLD LSG19 (T-shirt with special package. This will include an invitation code for joining Perfume's world fan club) size:XS / S / M / L / XL   NT$350 each
  • * All prices are tax inclusive.
  • * Cash and Jkopay are accepted at the Taipei venue. (Credit card payment option is not available)
  • * Merchandise sales will be carried out by local staff.

< T-shirt with special package. >

  • WORLD LSG19   size:XS / S / M / L / XL   RMB$350 each

  • *「WORLD LSG19」package includes a serial number that can be used to register for Perfume’s Official Fan Club「WORLD P.T.A.」, is exclusive to fans who reside outside of Japan. Please note that residents of Japan cannot purchase this product.

Venue Sales

Merchandise will start sell at the time below.

[Venue] NTU Sports Center / Taipei
[Date] March 2, Saturday / DOORS 6:30pm / SHOW 7:30pm (local time)
[Pre-sales] 2:30pm (local time)
[Location] The square outside the entrance

Online Shop

All merchandise of Perfume 7th Tour 2018 “FUTURE POP”and New item “Photo T-shirt” sold at nationwide arenas are now available at artist online shop “A!SMART”. Customers who are unable to purchase at the venue, please order online.

Perfume SHOP in Artist Online Shop "A!SMART"