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About Perfume Official Fan Club

Perfume's Official Fan Club to connect "Perfume" and "You" !
Access member exclusive contents and benefits through the Fan Club website.
Previously, 「P.T.A.」was only available to Perfume fans living in Japan. To allow Perfume fans around the world to also connect with Perfume,
「WORLD P.T.A.」 was established in 2013!
Register and join the circle with Perfume and Perfume fans around the world!

Join Perfume Official Fanclub 「WORLD P.T.A.」 at the following website

“WORLD P.T.A.” Member Benefits

Members-only Fan Club website
(Enjoy the exact same member-only contents as 「P.T.A.」 members (content will be in Japanese)) *

Special BOOK
(Once a year / Available on WEB version)

(Once a year / Available on WEB version)

Members-only Events
(on an irregular basis / lottery system)

Purchase Members-only goods

Member-only Pre-sale draws
(lottery system)*

  • * Members can enjoy online edition of Special book (once a year) and DVD (once a year) which are sent to P.T.A. members (World P.T.A. membership does not include a copy of Special book or DVDs.)
  • * Depending on where you live, you may not be able to access the World Fanclub website. In such cases, please note that a refund of the annual membership fee is not possible.
  • * Pre-sale draws for tickets may or may not occur depend on the performance. Please also note for some live events World Fanclub members may not be eligible for draws.

“WORLD P.T.A.” Annual membership

¥2,500 (JPY, tax included) *

  • * There is a handling charge (¥250 JPY, tax included).
  • * Membership terms are for one year past the month your payment is approved. (eg. If you pay on March 1st 2019, your membership will be available until March 31st 2020.)
  • * Credit card only.

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