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WORLD P.T.A. Renewal!2020.02.14

Thank you for your support of Perfume and "WORLD P.T.A."

From 2020, we will renew joining and renewing membership method so that more people can enjoy "WORLD P.T.A."!

[How to join "WORLD P.T.A."]

From the top page of "WORLD P.T.A.", choose "Sign Up" and please register your personal information and payment information according to the guidance on the page.
* Please note that this is different from the past registration method by purchasing <LSG (T-shirt)>. 

"WORLD P.T.A." Annual membership fee: 2,500 JP yen
Please note that it costs 250 JP yen separately as an administrative fee.
* Credit card payment only

 ·Expiration date
One year from the month following the month of payment
(Example: When you pay on March 1, 2020 From April 1st, 2020 to March 31st, 2021)
* If you wish to renew, you can renew your membership from 3 months before your expiration date.

Scheduled start date
Friday, February 14, 2020 18:30 * Japan Time *
* WORLD P.T.A. is a Perfume official fanclub for fans living outside Japan.
* Special books and DVDs (once a year) sent to "P.T.A." members can be viewed in the WEB version. (Delivery to your address is not included in "WORLD P.T.A." member benefits.) ).

In response to the opinions and requests received from all of you, "WORLD P.T.A." will provide English text content such as [From P.T.A.] and [From Staff].
Furthermore, [Birthday message] service that send birthday messages from members to you on your birthday once a year is added!
You can see birthday messages by logging in to [My Page] on the members-only website on your birthday.

We want to provide more enjoyable and more accessible services, so please continue to support Perfume and "WORLD P.T.A."