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New regular page “Kokontozai: KASHIYUKA’s Shop of Japanese Arts and Crafts” confirmed on monthly magazine “Casa BRUTUS.” English version also available online!!

New regular page “Kokontozai: KASHIYUKA’s Shop of Japanese Arts and Crafts” confirmed on monthly magazine “Casa BRUTUS.” English version also available online!!

KASHIYUKA’s new regular page on monthly magazine “Casa BRUTUS” will start on the new issue (No.217) hitting the stands on March 9th (Fri) 2018.

KASHIYUKA’s Shop is a virtual shop owned by KASHIYUKA. As an owner/buyer, KASHIYUKA visits various places in Japan to check out traditional Japanese arts and crafts which she introduces on this page. To make your days a little bit more luxurious… To feel the Japanese spirit… Things you can really enjoy in your daily life…
KASHIYUKA will visit all over Japan to find such arts and handy crafts.

Make sure to check out what KASHIYUKA finds for her shop every month on this new page. English version will be available on Casa BRUTUS.com starting April 8, 2018. The link will be posted on Perfume’s official website when available.

◆ Purchase No. 1 [White Porcelain Teapot]   KASHIYUKA discovered Kutaniyaki ceramic of purest white; beautiful and delicate, nearly transparent. 
◆ Purchase No. 2 [BAMBOO WARE]   Strength and supple beauty. Love at first sight for a wicker bag.
◆ Purchase No. 3 [Indigo Dyed Japanese Paper]   A traditional handcrafted paper fan dyed with natural indigo, its gradations of blue stunning to behold. 
◆ Purchase No. 4 [Black-glazed Petal Dish]   A large serving dish that complements the colors of food. 
◆ Purchase No. 5 [Glass]   A hand-blown wind chime softly announces the breeze. 
◆ Purchase No. 6 [BENT WOODENWARE]   Rice tastes better in this forest-grown cedar bento box.
◆ Purchase No. 7 [SASHIKO-ORI]   Modern textile from a vintage loom, a wrapping cloth of sashiko-ori.
◆ Purchase No. 8 [Western-style Clothing Brush]   Hand-embedded with high-quality natural hair, keeping alive an Edo-era practice.
◆ Purchase No. 9 [Kitchen Knife]   A sharp, steel kitchen knife that carries forward the tradition of the smith. 
◆ Purchase No. 10 [Rope Amulet]   Braided rice straw, transformed into an unassumingly beautiful “gesture of prayer”. 
◆ Purchase No. 11 [Daruma]   Entrusted with hope for good fortune in the New Year, the Takasaki Daruma.  
◆ Purchase No. 12 [Bingata Folding Fan]   A stencil-dyed fan that, in its vivid coloring, expresses the character and history of Okinawa. 
◆ Purchase No. 13 [Wire Mesh Hanging Basket]   A hand-woven Kyo-Kanaami style basket that voices the artistic heart of its Kyoto birthplace.
◆ Purchase No. 14 [WOODEN SPOON - Miyajima Shakushi]   The warm touch of a wooden rice paddle, born of a World Heritage island of legend. 
◆ Purchase No. 15 [Sanukikagari Temari]   A sweet, traditional toy made with naturally dyed cotton yarn.
◆ Purchase No. 16 [Sabae’s Eyeglass Frame]   Beautiful handmade metal frames from the hallowed ground of the eyeglass craft.
◆ Purchase No. 17 [CAST-IRON KETTLE]   A tool for living from the North Country that articulates iron’s strength and beauty. 
◆ Purchase No. 18 [FIREWORKS]   Handmade fireworks that color the summer night; beautiful because they are fleeting.
◆ Purchase No. 19 [MARQUETRY]   Modern design in woodworking that builds upon the wood’s natural coloration. 
◆ Purchase No. 20 [URUSHI]  Lacquer is ground to reveal a delicate pattern in this charming northern region handcraft. 
◆ Purchase No. 21 [Satsuma Kiriko Sake Cup] The glittering glassware of the Satsuma realm, from the close of the Edo era. 
◆ Purchase No. 22 [Arimatsu Shibori Hand Towel]  Wrung and dyed, traditional textile beauty crafted by hand. 
◆ Purchase No. 23 [Drawstring Pouch in Koshu Inden] A handcraft using leather and lacquer, passed down through generations from parent to a sole child. 
◆ Purchase No. 24 [Yamagata Dantsu Rug] A hand-dyed, hand-woven floor covering befitting the Japanese lifestyle. 
◆ Purchase No. 25 [Wa-rosoku Candle] The Captivating, Elegant Glow of the Haze Candle.
◆ Purchase No. 26 [Igusa Basket] To hold a watermelon, a strong, yet soft basket, woven from igusa.
◆ Purchase No. 27 [Copper Grater] A grater made in the old style, whereon each tooth is raised by hand.
◆ Purchase No. 28【ENAMEL STORAGE CONTAINERS】Handmade enamelware — beauty in its sheer simplicity

★ ”Casa BRUTUS” New issue hits the stand on the 9th of every month.

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